Pull up projection screens

It contains all the pull up projector screens,mainly about the portable floor standing projector screen and the portable pull up projector screen,etc.

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Newest projector screen

Pull up projector screen

Adopt air pressure type; Adopt the environmental materials,no odor and healthy; Adopt aluminium alloy material,high end black color,elegant and simple;……

Portable screen floor standing projector screen

◆ Aluminum alloy material; ◆ Air press type system to pull up the screen easily; ◆ 60cm black boarder; ◆ Portable screens are suitable for the moving office; ◆ High end black color……

Portable pull up projector screen

1.Portable projector screen,most used in the moving office and outdoor; 2.Adopt aluminum alloy shell and high end black color; 3.HD fabric with 60cm bottom black boarder; 4.Air presure type design,……