Fast fold projection screens

It contains all the fast fold projector screens,mainly about the gain 1.1 PVC farbic fast fold projector screen and the fast fold screen,etc.

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Fast fold projector screen

Cynthia fast fold projector screen adopts PVC fabric from US or Taiwan.The flexible viewing surface with 8cm black leather borders is streched perfectly flat.The aluminium alloy frame is durable……

Fast fold projector screen

◆ Aluminium alloy frame,strong enough; ◆ Button design,easy to handle; ◆ Adopt soft PVC fabric,can be stretched to be very flat; ◆ With flight case,can be moved anywhere easily.……

Gain 1.1 Front PVC Fabric Fast Fold Screen

◆ Aluminium alloy frame,strong enough to stand; ◆ Button design,easy to handle and install; ◆ Adopt soft front PVC fabric,white color and can be stretched to be very flat;……