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Home theater tab tension projector screen

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Home theater tab tension projector screen is used soft PVC fabric,gain is about 1.1,and the viewing angle is about 160°(L&R).Adopting the pyramid structure weight bar and the bracing wire handle,Because the fabric is soft,it can be stretched very flat.Widely used in home.

The screen is adopting the aluminum alloy fan-shaped outer casing,beautiful and elegant,kinds of install accessories,easy to install on the wall or in the ceiling.Various fabric can be choose,PVC fabric,Soft PS fabric,Gray PVC,soft metal fabric...Also it can use the common fabric,for example matte white,fiber glass,glass beaded...but the best fabric for the tab tension screen is soft fabric,for the hard surface,itself is flat,

Home theater tab tension projector screen is adopting the silent tubular motors,big power and silent,the noise is under 50DB,operation smoothly,controlled by remote control or the manual switch.

Electric tab tension projector screen specification:


Note:The datas are only for reference,the actual data will be subject to measurement.