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120" HD fabric tripod projector screen

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120" HD fabric tripod projector screen features:

1.120 inch tripod screen,big viewing size;

2.widely used in office,meeting rooms...occasions;

3.HD image,true color restore;

4.Suitable for the moving office and speeching;

120" HD fabirc tripod projector screen specification:

Technology Parameter of Tripod Projection Screen
Size Format Matte White Length of Housing (mm) Viewing Size (W*H) mm Packaging Size (L*W*H) mm Gross Weight (Unit:kg)
72" 16:09 1850x76x76 1592x895 1950x200x115 11
84" 2110x76x76 1860x1050 2210x200x115 12
100" 2460x76x76 2210x1250 2560x200x115 14
120" 2910x76x76 2660x1500 3010x200x115 17.5
72" 4:03 1710x76x76 1460x1100 1810x200x115 10.5
84" 1960x76x76 1710x1280 2060x200x115 11.5
100" 2250x76x76 2000x1500 2350x200x115 13.5
120" 2650x76x76 2400x1800 2750x200x115 16
50"x50" 1:01 1520x76x76 1270x1270 1680x200x115 9
60"x60" 1770x76x76 1520x1520 1880x200x115 11
70"x70" 2050x76x76 1800x1800 2150x200x115 12
80"x80" 2280x76x76 2030x2030 2380x200x115 14
84"x84" 2380x76x76 2130x2130 2480x200x115 15
96"x96" 2690x76x76 2440x2440 2790x200x115 16.5

120" HD fabirc tripod projector screen details:

120" HD fabric tripod projector screen