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All about tab tension projector screen,mainly introducing the tab tension screen products,tubular motor tab tension screen,aluminimum alloy tab tension screen,etc.

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Electric tab tension projector screen

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Electric tab tension projector screen features:

◆ Adopt unique sector aluminium alloy outer casing,easy to install in the ceiling or on the wall,high-end and elegant;

◆ Adopt the environmental materials,no odor and healthy;

◆ Adopt Silent tubular motor,the noise is less than 50DB,supplying a more quite environment;

◆ Adopt HD PVC materials,Color reduction effect is perfect,give you high definition display;

◆ Soft fabric can ensure its flat,it can be stretched very flat;

◆ 30cm black drop;

◆ Support 3D and 4K ultra-precision imaging,Enjoy the incomparable lifelike image quality excellence;

◆ Widely used in home,classroom,meeting room and commercial use,etc.

◆ RF/IR remote control are optional to control its up and down;

◆ Large viewing angle,can be 160°(L&R).

Electric tab tension projector screen specification:

Electric tab tension projector screen details:

tab tension projector screen