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It contains all the fixed frame projection screens,mainly about the home theater fixed frame projector screen,gain 1.1 PVC fabric fixed frame projector screen,etc.

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Gain 1.1 PVC Fixed Frame Projector Screen

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Gain 1.1 PVC Fixed Frame Projector Screen Features:

Screen series  Fixed Frame Screen Series
Fabric material Gain 1.1 Front PVC or Rear PVC
Gain 1.1
Viewing angle 100°(60°L&R)
Product Features

◆ Adopt high end black velvet ,simple and elegant;
◆ Adopt the environmental materials,no odor and healthy;
◆ The frame is 6-10 cm (L&R);
◆ Adopt Unique PVC materials,gain is 1.1.Color reduction effect is perfect,give you high definition display;
◆ Standard quadrilateral black border processing, effectively absorb radiation light projector;
◆ Support HD 3D and 4K ultra-precision imaging,Enjoy the incomparable lifelike image quality excellence;
◆ Widely used in home,meeting room and commercial use,etc.
◆ Large viewing angle.

Size From 60"-400",format 1:1,4:3,16:9,16:10,2.35:1. etc.;
Installment On the wall or other places,
Warranty All the products are supplied 14 months warranty and lifelong time maintain.

Gain 1.1 PVC Fixed Frame Projector Screen Specification:

Gain 1.1 PVC Fixed Frame Projector Screen Details: