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New tab tension screen--Staight-sided tab tension

Time:2016-02-22 10:43:00,Click:0

New product:

 After sevral months research and development,passed the test,cynthia screen gets a new products finally--straight flange tab tension screen,

This type screen is using the fiber glass fabric instead of the soft PVC,thus it solved the problem of heat makes the fabric expand and cold makes it contract,PVC fabric is a soft fabric,especially the screen made in winder China,if we ship it to a hot environment,open it first time,the screen surface will be crumpled,some days later,it will be very flat,

However the fiber glass is not influenced by the tempreture,and no crimping like the matte white fabric and HD fabric,it is flat no matter the hot environment,and it adopts the intelligent control system:Manual emergency switch,infrared output,RS485 Protocol control,Intelligent projection trigger receiving module,Precision worm type positioning system.The shell is using the magnalium alloy material.

Here are some pictures for reference,