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It is all about the projector screen technology,mainly about the projection screen introduction,how to select a right projection screen,and other projection screen knowledge.

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Basic knowledge of projection screen

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Today, many brands available in the market projection screen, dazzling variety of imported brands, domestic brands quite a mixed bag, good and bad, the price from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands dollars, so that consumers know what to do. So, in the end these screens what difference does it?
Projector screen
First, from the formal structure of the projection of the screen

1,electric projector screen

Electric screen is currently the most widely used screen, which are relatively inexpensive, easy to use, wired and wireless remote control two control modes, the general synchronous motor or tubular motor control movements, lifting slow synchronous motor, faster than tubular motor for fast, for the curtain, the latter life or whether the results are far better than the former. Curtain material commonly used white plastic or cloth made of fiberglass cloth material. White plastic screen because of its low cost, low-end curtain in Bristol most widely used, because of its material properties of glass fiber cloth is more stiff, so often used in high-grade curtain. Flatness electric curtain curtain almost entirely dependent on the quality of the substrate, after a period of use, the screen surface as the ambient temperature and humidity changes, coupled with the lifting several times wound, prone to the screen surface on both sides of the bead, V-striped , vertical stripes and other irregularities phenomenon.

Another branch is the electric tab tension screen, its screen surface are made of flexible PVC material, and the general difference is that the bracing wire is on both sides of the screen, there will be two arcuate side cable stretched to live screen surface giving a horizontal screen surface tension, coupled with longitudinal tension rod sagging, which stretched across the flat screen surface. This screen structure, to ensure long-term use screen surface are smooth as a mirror, and more generally for the screen surface flatness demanding reflection type optical screen, because the structure and production are more complex, so the price is also more expensive. There are a number of low-cost electric cable screen is often used hard texture of matte white or fiberglass cloth as the screen surface, the side code would not achieve the basic fundamental role of stretching, only have their table it.

2, Fixed frame projector screen

Fixed frame screen is to use a rigid frame connector (such as springs, rope, fasteners, etc.) screen formed by the projection plane tense up. The most common is the use of home theater screen frame, a set of sturdy aluminum alloy frame stretched up to the screen surface, because of its simple structure, in line with the principles of mechanics, can always maintain the best screen surface flatness, thus becoming the family the preferred theater.

Another kind of screen frame, with reference to the cinema screen style, the frame design into the arc, giving excellent picture surrounded by a sense of common 2.35: 1 screen. Household curved screen industry because there is no corresponding standard, often referring to the ratio of the curvature of commonly used commercial theater: camber ≈5% of the screen width. Of course, in order to achieve the best display, to the projector with an anamorphic lens it is essential.

3 Tripod projector screen

 Usually by the chain curtain combined floor stand combination, it can also be combined with floor stand screen frame composition. Because of its lightweight structure, multi-flow projection for conference room use.

4, pull up screen

Since the flow of projected needs of the market, after all, still need general frame screen and screen brackets of two parts, carry relatively trouble, so in recent years, integrated floor stand screens come into general use to pull up screen behind the scissors type pneumatic strut, the size may be made larger.

5,cabinet projector screen

Cabinet screen in recent years the birth of a hidden electric screen, the electric screen to pull screen and combine hidden in a television cabinet, need to use the projector when you can let screen rises.

There are some other type screens,like fast fold screen,table screens...,you can refer to our website 

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