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Grey fabric projector screen

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Gray projector screen is often referred to as "high-contrast screen," The reason is: gray projector screen than the white projector screen filter can absorb more ambient light (white projector screen does not have this feature), this makes the black level on the screen is maintained on the projection screen White can remain white, and black is reduced due to the interference of ambient light, become darker, so a direct result of the gap between black and white contrast on the screen is increased, so as to achieve the purpose of improving the contrast.
Although the projection screen can not improve the contrast level of the projector, push contrast "consciousness". The projector can not be projected black content, it is actually the absence of light you see. The emergence of gray screen black better reduction in the investment screen, white, still maintain, that's why we it "high contrast" in the title.
In a preferred viewing room, the projector screen is reflective, rather than the environment. And the overall reflectivity of the screen is, and the level of the ambient light. In the case compared to the screen, the screen may dominate the ambient light. An example of this is the planetarium and virtual reality cube front projection technology. Therefore, some of the planetarium dome-shaped projection screen to select indoor dome painted in gray, in order to reduce degradation of the sun and the projection of light reflection effect influence each other image display.
Gray screen design, relying on a strong image source, capable of generating sufficient brightness level, therefore, the white areas of the image still appears white, use the brightness of the nonlinear human eye perception.
Therefore, from a gray projector screen potential improvements might best be achieved in a darkened room, the only light is projected. The part to the popularity of the waves, a gray projector screen technology has greatly improved in recent years. Now available in a variety of gain and gray levels of gray screen fabric.