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Electric projector screen introduction

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What's Electric projector screen?

Electric projector screen,also named motorized projector screen,electric screen,motorized screen,is a most popular type screens in many is a tool to display the images,videos and other AV files.

Electric screens are used in combination with the projector,Can be divided into home electric projector screen,business electric projector screen and engineering electirc projector screen.Divided into high, medium and low-grade, according to the occasion.

Electric projector screen motors:

Usually used synchonous motors and tubular motors,

Synchonous motors have long life and silent;

Tubular motors have big power.

Electric projector screen size:

From 72"-400",format 4:3,16:9,and other format.

Electric projector screen fabric:

Usually the screen fabric used in the electric screen is Matte White,Fiber Glass fabric,Glass Beaded fabric.

Electric projector screen remote control systems:

Usually use the RF remote control and IR remote control.