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The maintenance of the projection screens

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Projection screen and the projector are complementary to each other as a whole, So as supporting projector,the projector screen maintenance should be taken seriously,here we introduce the maintenance of the projection screens:

 Maintenance of the projection screens according to the type and material 

According to the projection screen type and the fabric, Pay attention to using different maintenance methods.

1.  Most metal projection screen and the glass beaded projection screen have the mildew resistance, fire resistance, and can be clean etc. features, but still should pay attention to prevent dust too much and too be affected with damp be affected with damp, The best cleaning method is using a soft brush gently clean, Too much water to cause a decline in the gain of the screen.

2.  For a glass beaded type screen, there are usually some thread due to its surface or structure of vertical stripes, it is best not to clean with clear water, as far as possible with a soft cloth and feather broom along the lines from top to bottom is wiped clean, not too hard, in order to avoid damage to its texture, light can twist dry wet cloth to wipe the surface when necessary, and dry it in time.

3.  Whether manual curtain or electric curtain, when there is no need to use should integrate the protection of curtain roll back to the box. After each use, should check whether the screen surface is stained with dust or dirt, if found, should use a soft cloth to wipe clean, put the curtain in the protection box. The curtain can be used often, but every time continuous rolling up and down time can't more than five minutes, otherwise it will cause heating of the motor. If the continuous use of reoccupy after must wait until the motor cooling, the motor does not need to add lubricant.

In addition there are several points to note:
◇  When the screen rolled into a metal shell, check screen surface dust and foreign matter to ensure that, before rewind.
◇  The screen can often be used, but each successive time can not scroll up and down more than 5 minutes, otherwise it will make the motor heat.
◇  Have to wait until the motor cool before use • When you need continuous use.
◇  Motor without adding lubricant.

Use detergent to carry out  maintenance of the projection screens :

1.  First of all to be packaged detergent PH value is neutral as possible. Because the screen grassroots and coatings, most resin or rubber material or the like, it is susceptible to corrosion discoloration.

2.  Second Do not use oil-based cleanser and clean with bright group of groups such as Pearl Bailey and the like. We can use water-based, can be volatile foam type cleaners have no damage to the screen.

Use clean tools to carry out  maintenance of the projection screens :

Relative cleaners, the cleaning tools may be more important than others.

1.  Screen surface with a magnifying glass to see, but it is still uneven, dirt dust particles is small, it will enter or fill the recessed hole, so we use a cotton ball to wipe, always indelible, because cotton fiber diameter than Many large-diameter concave holes, and not clean out the pit of dust pollution. Therefore, we use tools, be sure to select the molecular particles as small as erasing tools, such as a polymer like the sea. Kind of sponge particles that are small, to be cleaner moist dirt dust after softening, can fully remove the pits of dust pollution. According to our experience, we can handle basic white as new.

2.  Some special stains, particularly oily stains, more intractable, handled properly, will be a great risk. Only a small number of first use cotton balls dipped degreasing solvent, quickly erased after dilution, and then more pure water or diluted neutral detergent and dry quickly. And similar DA-TEX and DA-MAT folding screen material, some of the above stains should be more careful, because this material is a thin curtain, improper handling will cause damage. In particular, some kind of party occasions spraying up color stains.