Projector Screen Terminology

it is about Projector Screen Terminology,mainly introduce the projector screen gain,front screen and rear projector screen,and the projector screen viewing angle,etc.

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Front screen and rear projection screen

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1. Front screen and rear projection screen

As the name suggests is projected from the front. The projection screen as a dividing ridge, the audience on the same side of the projector, is being cast; both sides of the corresponding projection, the audience and the projector is in projection screen, respectively. Front manner, even if the projector is hidden in the screening room, we can still accurately determine the exact position of the projector. Simple distinction:

  Front screen
Front screen

2. The rear projection screen works

Works difference. Front projection screen mode, which is used in front projection screen; projection mode, is used in rear-projection screen. Permeability. Front screen is opaque, rear projection screen is translucent. 

 rear projection screen
rear projection screen

3. Commercial projection screen  

On the market, most of us are able to come into contact with front projection screen, there are two advantages, the decision is cast curtain can flourish, and promising. One advantage, cheap. Front curtain, relatively inexpensive, easy to spread, the most popular, the most common, most low-end projection screens are undoubtedly positive. According to our survey, the lowest price in more than a standard projection screen 7000 yuan, the lowest price of front projection screens only 300 yuan.  

4. Rear applications  

Two advantages, is cast screen, easy installation. Front screen can do much, installation and maintenance are easy. Like schools, private theater, cinemas, general meeting rooms, etc., are dominated by front projection screen. The rear projection screen, a relatively small minority, will be applied only in high-end business presentations, high-end interactive presentations, simulations and the like. Projection screen, rear space required is large, even for short-focus it is more inconvenient.  

5. Rear application mode  

Household, preferred is cast, cost-effective, easy to maintain. For mainstream users, consider buying curtain room layout, it is cast more casual, very troublesome projection also takes up a lot of space in vain. Short focal + projection screen, not suitable for home. Although there is a strong anti-projection ambient light capability, color outstanding advantage, but is only suitable for use with short focal. Some friends very long Ultrashort Coke applied. However, the presence of ultra-short focus focus is not real, uneven brightness, the screen distortion shortcomings, contrary to the pursuit of high-quality theater. Personal, or preferred positive projection screens. Projection screen test: Front and rear projection focus entirely different. In the test, a positive projection screens facilitate testing; and higher test difficulty coefficient translucent projection screen, it is difficult to quantify and compare. Most Zhongguancun online testing projection screen to "the people" front projection screens based.