Projector Screen Terminology

it is about Projector Screen Terminology,mainly introduce the projector screen gain,front screen and rear projector screen,and the projector screen viewing angle,etc.

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Projection screen viewing angle

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Projection screen viewing angle is the user can clearly observed the perspective of all content on the screen from different angles

2. Measurement method of projection screen viewing angle

Objective Test, To the screen center vertical line as a benchmark target, step by step to test both sides gain value, when gain effect is less than 50% of the center value, record to gain points, about half the gain of angle is the viewing angle

Projection screen viewing angle

3. Purchasing suggestions

The same brand,the same type,the same material fabric,the viewing angle is bigger,it is the more expensive. But this is a proposition to distinguish to treat.Because the middle and low end screens,it is nothing between the display effect and the viewing angle,means the bigger viewing angle,the display effect is not very good.For the home, the pursuit of results,means ignore the viewing angle,the common screen is ok.For the business teaching,the display effect is not very important,we need to meet the more audiences’ demands,the bigger viewing angle the better.